Hipot & Electrical Safety Testers
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Vitrek manufactures two different series of hipot and electrical safety testers. These testers have been designed to fit your testing application. Each series offers 6 different models with a wide variety of test functions and capabilities.

  • The 95X Series features high output power with a wide range of output voltages combined with exceptional leakage current resolution
  • The V7X series offers outstanding performance in a light weight, lower cost format

All 12 models come standard with a variety of computer interfaces to simplify test automation right out of the box, and can be used with Vitrek’s QuickTest Pro software. Combine our Hipot testers with one of our High Voltage Switching Systems for a full multi-point testing solution, all controlled through the tester. All of Vitrek’s Hipot and Electrical Safety Testers come with our pledge to provide world class customer support – before, during and after the sale.