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8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter

The 8558A 8.5 digit multimeter offers 5 mega-samples-per-second high resolution digitizing for system automation in labs and manufacturing test environments.  Fluke’s new high-speed system design and the industry’s fastest direct digitizing capability enable significant throughput increases for many automated system applications that require a combination of highest speed and best accuracy.  The superb accuracy is delivered over a wide measurement range, over nine functions, with an intuitive user interface on a color display.

Product Description

Accurate data, delivered amazingly fast
Shorter test time on the 8588A/8558A high-speed digital platform enables you to increase throughput, improve yield and realize a greater return on your investment. The 8588A/8558A digitizes to memory at 200 nanoseconds per reading and delivers 4.5 digit data to a PC via USB, Ethernet and GPIB at 100,000 readings per second. Fast, high resolution data capture gives you the quantity and quality of information you need to make timely, correct decisions affecting system throughput and efficiency.

  • 0 ns to 100 s aperture setting allows industry’s widest flexibility to control data capture window
  • Reading speed: 1 reading /s @ 8.5 digits to 100,000 reading /s @ 4.5 digits
  • Data transfer from memory to PC: up to 500,000 readings /s in binary format through USB, up to 200,000 through Ethernet and GPIB

Debug and perfect your device under test
The 8558A features a 5 mega-sample digitizing rate with up to 20 MHz analog bandwidth, making it the first and only instrument on the market that can characterize extremely low level transient signals at 18-bit resolution. This capability makes it easier to debug designs, uncover anomalies and perfect your devices under test for use in real life environments.

  • Voltage sensitivity to hundreds of nV and current sensitivity to hundreds of pA allows you uncover ultra-low level transient signals
  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth for voltage and 4 MHz for current retains high bandwidth content of the signal measured
  • 18-bit SAR analog-to-digital converter that achieves 5 mega-samples per second
  • 5 mega-samples per second sample rate, into buffer, for capturing complex, fast changing waveforms
  • 15 million readings memory allows large amount of data storage eliminating the
  • immediate need to transfer data to a PC
  • Graphical waveform display enables real-time visualization of complex waveforms, increased productivity with faster access to results and answers

Fast, reliable and accurate system compatibility
Inserting a new instrument into a tightly synchronized system can create overhead and incompatibility. The 8558A’s digital platform includes common connectivity interfaces plus precise triggering that lets it digitize, integrate and transfer data to anywhere in the system for analysis, with minimal obstruction and the highest reliability.

  • GPIB, USBTMC, Ethernet allows industry standard selection of remote interface
  • USB thumb drive enable quick and easy data transfer to PC in .csv format
  • SCPI compliant commands with 8505A and 3458A emulation mode simplifies and accelerates system upgrade process to 8588A/8558A
  • Fully supports MET/CAL calibration procedures library that commands the Fluke 8508A
  • IVI Driver for industry standard control of DMM on 8558A/8588A
  • Trigger Mechanisms: External BNC Trigger Trig In and Trig Out, Edge or level trigger, Timer trigger, Epoch trigger, Line trigger
  • Less than 100 ns trigger latency with external BNC trigger for digitize voltage and current

Usability features ease training and operation
Some popular system digit multimeters have complex menu structures and unintuitive commands, while others lack any user interface, presenting barriers to training and operation. By contrast, the 8558A features an easy-to-access configuration menu that makes it easy to train new users. Language choices include English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. The graphical display lets you easily visualize trends, histograms, complex waveforms, and statistics. Repeatable system-specific tasks can be automated quickly and easily.

The 8558A’s front panel features Visual Connection Management™ output terminals that light up to show which terminals are active, guiding the user to make the correct connections. The handles and spin wheel are over-molded for comfort and easy transport.

USB host ports are placed both on the front and rear of the unit. Use them to export data to external memory devices and simplify firmware updates.

The MET/CAL™ Calibration Management Software advantage
The 8588A and 8558A work with Fluke Calibration MET/CAL™ Calibration Software in 8508A emulation mode, allowing increased throughput while ensuring calibrations are performed consistently every time. This powerful software documents calibration procedures, processes and results for ease in complying with ISO 17025 and similar quality standards.

Support and services when you need them
Fluke Calibration offers testing, repair and calibration services to meet your needs quickly and at a fair cost while maintaining the high level of quality that you expect. Our electrical calibration laboratories are accredited for conformance to ISO/IEC Guide 17025 and we maintain global calibration and repair facilities.

Get peace of mind and uptime with a Gold CarePlan service package
The 8588A/8558A multimeters come with a standard one year factory warranty. You can enhance warranty protection with a Priority Gold Instrument CarePlan service package.

A Priority Gold Instrument CarePlan includes an expedited annual calibration to reduce downtime by a week and extended warranty to help ensure the best long-term performance from your instruments. Choose from one-year, three-year or five-year Care- Plans.