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8845A/8846A 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeters

Key features

Precision and versatility for bench or systems applications

  • 6.5 digit resolution
  • Basic V DC accuracy of up to 0.0035%
  • Dual display
  • 100 μA to 10 A current range, with up to 100 pA resolution
  • Wide ohms range from 100 Ω to 100 MΩ with up to 100 μΩ resolution
  • 2 x 4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique
  • Measure frequency and period
  • Fluke 45 and Agilent 34401A emulation
  • Graphical display
  • Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics, histogram
  • CAT I 1000 V, CAT II 600 V
  • Three-year warranty

Product Description

The Fluke 8845A 6.5 digit precision multimeter handles your most demanding measurements on the bench or in a system. It measures volts, ohms, and amps, with basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024%, 10 A current range, and a wide ohms range. The 8845A also measures frequency and period. The functions of a counter, capacitance meter, and thermometer are built in. Graphical display modes include Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics and hist histograms.

Dual display and graphical capabilities

A dual display lets you measure two parameters of the same signal from one test connection. Use the unique analyze mode to view data as a real time trend plot or histogram.

Perform 4-wire measurement with only two leads

Patented split terminal jacks for the 2 x 4 ohms function let you perform 4-wire measurements using only two leads instead of four.

Multiple connectors give you maximum flexibility

Serial, IEEE-488, and Ethernet interfaces come standard.

FlukeView® Software and drivers add PC power and application compatibility

FlukeView Forms lets you document, store and analyze individual readings or series of measurements, then convert them into professional-looking documents.

Instrument programming drivers, DLL files and support information are included to get your test system up and running as quickly as possible

FlukeView® Forms Basic

The Fluke 8845A ships with a free copy of FlukeView Basic. For a larger array of forms or to use FlukeView Forms Designer to customize your forms, upgrade to FlukeView Forms with FVF-UGg>

Fluke 45 and Agilent 34401A emulation

The 8845A emulates operation and programming commands of the Fluke 45 and Agilent 34401.