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Amprobe AT-8000 Advanced Industrial Wire Tracer

CAT IV 600 V Safety for Industrial Environments and Electrical Systems. Patented Smart Sensor™ displays the location and orientation of energized wires. Featuring three Power Modes

Safe, Smart, Accurate

Product Description

Designed to keep electricians safe – CAT IV 600 V rated for the highest protection available on any wire tracer. Electricians are protected from the most dangerous level of transient overvoltage spikes up to 8,000 V that are known to occur in industrial environments. Safe!

Save time blindly searching – See hidden wires like never with the AT-8000-RE Receiver’s patented Smart Sensor™, which finds and displays the location and orientation of energized wires in walls, floors and ceilings on the large color TFT LCD screen. The Scan and Locate feature clearly identify the single correct breaker or fuse, eliminating the confusion from multiple false positive readings common in older technology tracing tools. Embedded help screens make set-up easy and error free for novice users and experts alike. Smart!

Featuring three power modes “high”, “low”, and “clamp” and two output frequencies (6 kHz and 33 kHz), the AT-8000-TE Transmitter incorporates the best technologies available for optimal wire tracing and breaker identification on both energized and de-energized circuits. The AT-8000-TE automatically sets the frequency based on detected voltage and prompts the user to set the power level based on their application, delivering consistently accurate results. Accurate

Combining the advanced Smart Sensor™ with the receiver’s unique ergonomic form factor, the AT-8000 not only localizes and pin-points wires, but it visually traces their direction in the most challenging environments.

Safety Reference Chart:


Trace Energized and De-energized wires with two active tracing modes:

  • High Signal (HI), recommended for most wire tracing applications on Energized and De-energized circuits including breaker location. This mode is useful when tracing open wires, but it will not work on wires that are grounded on the far-end.
  • Low Mode (LOW), The LOW mode function is only appropriate for the most demanding and precise wire tracing applications, as it limits the signal level generated by the Transmitter in order to pinpoint the wire location more precisely. A lower signal level reduces coupling to neighboring wires and metal objects, which avoids misreading due to ghost signals.
  • Loop Mode (LOOP), used when working with closed loop De-energized circuits, such as shorted wires, shielded cabled or De-energized wires that are grounded on the far-end. Loop mode is used to pinpoint the location of a short (because the current will not be able to flow in open branches) and to trace wires that are grounded on the far end (because the loop is closed via ground connection).



Main Applications:

  • Trace Energized and De-energized wires
  • Identify breakers and fuses

Special Applications:

  • GFCI-protected circuit wire tracing
  • Find breaks, openings, and shorts
  • Trace non-metallic pipes and conduits
  • Trace shielded wires*
  • Trace underground wires
  • Trace low voltage wires and data cables (4-20 mA control cables to server, telecom power cables)
  • Sort bundled wires
  • Validate electric circuit plans (direction and location) through Smart Sensor Technology