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Amprobe ACDC-54NAV 1000 A AC/DC Navigator Clamp Meter With Temperature
  • True-rms technology improves accuracy in noisy environments
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 1000 V, AC/DC current to 1000 A, plus resistance, frequency, capacitance, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion (THD) and individual harmonics from 1 to 25
  • Measures temperature from -58 °F to 1832 °F (-50 °C to 1000 °C)
  • Includes inrush current measurement and phase rotation indication for 3-phase motors
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances safety
  • Low pass filter allows measurement of voltage and frequency of variable frequency drives
  • Continuity beeper quickly identifies shorts and opens
  • Large backlit digital display with analog bar graph presents the full picture
  • Min, max and smart data hold
  • Peak hold identifies spikes and transients
  • In-jaw flashlight automatically lights when jaws open to illuminate dark panels and junction boxes
  • Auto power off conserves battery life
  • Maximum jaw opening accommodates large conductors up to 1.60″ (45 mm)
  • Rubber overmold body absorbs shocks—drop proof to 4 feet (1.2 m)
  • CAT IV-rated AC/DC current clamp meter

Product Description

The ACDC-54NAV clamp-on power meter offers AC/DC current measurements to 1000 A, AC/DC voltage to 1000 V, temperature capabilities, and wide jaws to handle large conductors up to 1.6″ (40 mm) for high voltage industrial environments.

This clamp-on multimeter offers a full range of power quality diagnostics including power and power factor, total harmonics distortion, individual harmonics, in-rush current, phase sequence, TRMS and low pass filter for industrial power monitoring and verifying system conditions.