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Amprobe AT-4004 Advanced Wire Tracer with Clamp Attachment
  • Locates and traces live and de-energized wires in walls, floors, plastic conduit, cable shields and computer cables, without interrupting power
  • Includes one universal transmitter that automatically switches to work with either energized or de-energized systems
  • Includes clamp-on attachment that injects the signal when access to bare wires is not available
  • Receiver is not position-sensitive so it doesn’t require rotation for accurate readings
  • Pinpoints shorts, breakers, neutrals, broken wires, and ground lines
  • Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers
  • Offers precise sensitivity adjustment
  • Includes hard shell carrying case – CC-AT 4000, R-4000 receiver, transmitter T-4000-A, 110V pigtail – banana plug cord set C2901, alligator clips – banana plug cord set C2902, grounding test lead 25′ (7.6m) MTL-G, alligator clip for ground lead VRC-320, and user’s manual

Product Description

One of the most advanced of all wire tracers, the Amprobe AT-4004-A wire tracer has all the features of the AT-4003-A, plus a clamp-on attachment to inject a signal without making contact with bare wire.

Our best wire tracer, use this electrical wire tracer for finding wires in walls and locating breakers without interrupting power. You can also use it to find energized and de-energized wires, including broken and disconnected wires, and pinpoint shorts and ground faults.