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Coltraco Ultrasonics portable ultrasonic flow meter Portasonic® PLUS

Portasonic® PLUS is portable ultrasonic transit-time flow meter designed to measure, internally record, and export the flow rate within a pipe with precision and ease.

The all new Portasonic® PLUS is a non-invasive measuring flow rates of most clean liquids in pipes with gas/solid content less than 10% of volume, with built-in thickness gauging, datalogging and ability to incorporate heat quantity measurements.

Store or export your measurements with all new datalogging, internally on the Portasonic® PLUS or directly log measurements onto a PC via micro USB

Product Description

Precision Flow Rate Measurement

Portasonic® PLUS provides measurements to within ±0.5% of the true flow rate. This precision is enhanced by several features:

  • Customisable, pre-programmed database – With 19+ fluid types and 23+ pipe materials.
  • Integrated ultrasonic thickness gauge – To monitor pipe wall thickness and ensure it meets operational safety requirements.
  • Built-in signal oscilloscope – To provide sensor diagnostics and verify measurement process.
  • 3 measurement methods – To allow for the most appropriate application on different pipe size. See brochure for details.
  • Two sensor options – To fit different pipe diameters, with waterproofed variants also available.


System Integration with Datalogging and Export

Portasonic® PLUS includes a 4MB internal storage which allows measurements to be recorded and saved to the device. This can either be exported later via micro USB, or can be directly logged via Micro USB onto a PC in real-time.

Datalogging provides a verifiable record of system functionality and safety, and by recording the flow rate with a frequency of 1Hz as standard, allows for consistent recording and analysis of the flow rate.

The clamp-on Portasonic® PLUS sensors mean it can be non-invasively applied to almost any pipe as a continuous monitoring solution, but be easily transferred to a different location if monitoring requirements change. This gives Portasonic® PLUS dual functionality as both a permanent and portable monitoring solution, dependent on your needs.

Talk to our sales team to find out how Portasonic® PLUS can make your operation safer and more efficient.



3 Flow Rate Metrics 

Portasonic® PLUS can portray flow rate in one of three ways to optimise data utility:

  • Volumetric Flow Rate: In litres per minute or gallons per minute, the volume of liquid transferred within a pipe. The standard measurement for most industrial applications.
  • Mass Flow Rate: In kilograms per minute or lbs per minute, the mass of liquid transferred within a pipe, calculated by the device using density and flow rate. Commonly used in loading or unloading processes, eg. fuel transfers.
  • Heat/Energy Flow Rate: In kilowatts per hour or British Thermal Units (BTU) per second, the amount of thermal energy transferred by a pipe’s contents. Commonly used for measurement in heating or coolant pipes.

What’s included


  • Portasonic® PLUS: Main Unit

  • One Pair of DM10 Standard Sensors: For pipes DN15 – DN700

  • One Pair of Beaded Chain Clamps : To mount the sensors

  • 10mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Probe: Measures pipe wall thickness

  • Ultrasonic Couplant: To ensure perfect contact

  • Measuring Tape: For sensor positioning

  • User Manual: Guidance on how-to-use

  • Installation Manual: Guidance on how best to fit sensors to pipes

  • Calibration Certificate: Verifies unit functionality and calibration on dispatch

  • Robust Carrying Case: To store the equipment