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Compressed Gas Dew Point Meter – Easidew PDP

Key features

  • Air-quality compliance to ISO 8573-1 Class 1–4
  • Pressure dew-point monitoring to 20 barg
  • Multi-parameter datalogging/downloading
  • Touchscreen user-friendly interface
  • Dew-point and pressure dryer outlet graphing
  • Rugged construction for tough field conditions
  • Designed for high electrical noise environments
  • Integrated self-contained travel case
  • Easy to maintain
  • Battery life of two working days

Product Description

Moisture spot checking at the pressurized outlet of a gas dryer is crucial for ensuring the quality of compressed gas. The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable hygrometer monitors and logs key parameters like dew point, pressure and temperature in real time. It is compliant
with ISO 8573-1.

  • Refrigeration and Desiccant Dryers
  • Nitrogen Gas Generators
  • Oxygen Gas Generators
  • Railway Pneumatics
  • Hydrogen Gas Generators
  • Medical Gas Quality
  • Inert Gas Blanketing
  • Plastic Moulding Dryers
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Benchtop Gas Generators