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Dew-Point Calibration System – Michell DCS

All-in-One Configurable Calibration Station


  • Complete dew-point calibration solution with optional compressor, dryer, dew-point generator, reference instrument and optional manifold
  • Generated output responds quickly to a change of set point
  • Stable humidity generation
  • Simple operation through manual flow mixing or push-button switching of set points
  • Remote control via RS232 comms (dependant on model)

Product Description

The DCS system is a complete rack-mounted calibration station capable of producing a flow of air (or nitrogen) at a pre-specified range of dew-point temperatures from a minimum of -100°C (-148°F) to a maximum of +20°C (+68°F). Through customization the DCS system can be PC controlled for automated calibration sequences or manually operated at pre-determined dew-point set points.

When ordering this system, simply specify the required operating range, and Michell Instruments will determine the most economical way to construct your calibration system.