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Dew-Point Transmitter for Compressed Air Dryers – SF82

Fast Response Moisture Meter with Multiple Process Connections.


  • Dew point or ppmV moisture content output
  • Accuracy ±2 °C dew point
  • Modbus RTU over RS485 digital communication
  • 4 to 20 mA 2 wire
  • Traceable 9-point calibration certificate
  • Power supply 5 to 28 V DC
  • Ultra-fast response to moisture change
  • Low cost of ownership and easy maintenance with sensor exchange program
  • 316 stainless steel sensor and sample blocks
  • 5/8” UNF, 3/4” UNF, G 1/2” process connections
  • KF40 Glove Box flange
  • MiniDIN 43650 C, M12 electrical connectors

Product Description

The SF82 is a fast-responding moisture sensor for control of dew point and moisture content in compressed air dryers to maximize energy efficiency. Compressor rooms are often hot with temperatures reaching +50 °C. The SF82 is capable of reliably providing fast, accurate dew-point measurements down to -60 °C dew point even in these challenging conditions.

The SF82 industrial transmitter incorporates the latest Process Sensing Technologies advanced thick-film polymer moisture sensing technology to provide fast, stable and repeatable humidity measurements for all dew-point dryer applications.

It is available with a range of process connections and electrical connectors for easy installation. SF82 dew-point transmitters are included in our service exchange program which reduces both downtime and the cost of maintenance.