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DS 500 PM mobile – efficiency measurement for compressors

Product Description

Besides common measurements such as compressed air consumption or humidity, even more complex measurement tasks can be tackled with this all-round mobile device. With the DS 500 PM mobile, conducting an energy analysis according to DIN ISO 50001 is child’s play.

Its clear, simple operating method makes it possible, for example, to carry out an analysis of compressed air costs by simultaneously measuring energy consumption (kW/kWh) and compressor output (m³/m³/h). And the data logger with its integrated effective power meter is perfect for auditors or service technicians.

Special features DS 500PM mobil:

  • Magnetic voltage measuring tips for picking off the voltage during operation.
  • Hinged current transformers encompass the conductors of phases L1, L2, L3. Can also be used during operation.

For universal use:

Up to 11 devices can be connected, including third-party sensors incl. power supply


Reliably stores all measured values on a memory card. Easy readout possible via USB stick

Energy analysis according to DIN ISO 50001:

  • Costs in EUR ($) per m³ (cubic foot) air generated
  • Specific output in kWh / m³ (cubic foot)
  • Consumption of single lines including summation