Product Description

DS 52 – Digital process meter

In wall housing for 0(4)…20 mA signals. With the digital process meter DS 52 in a shapely wall housing the annoying search and the mounting into a suitable plastic housing is no longer necessary. DS 52 disposes of 2 potential-free alarm contacts (switch-over contacts) which can be charged with maximum 230 VAC, 3 A. The alarm limits can be adjusted via the keys.

The display is supplied with 230 VAC and disposes of an internal mains unit which provides a voltage of 24 VDC/100 mA for the sensor. Free screwing clamps are available for forwarding the (0) 4…20 mA signal to superordinated systems.

Special features of digital process meter DS 52

  • Integrated in a shapely wall housing
  • Suitable for all customary sensors with 0(4)…20 mA signal
  • Easy operation
  • 2 relay outputs (230 VAC, 3 A)