Product Description

Flow sensor VA 420 with integrated measuring section

Available with and without flange. The affordable flow meters VA 420 work according to the approved calorimetric measuring principle. Due to its compact design it is possible to monitor all compressed air systems from the compressor to the smallest compressed air tool (1/4“ to 2 inch) with the affordable flow meter VA 420.

Application range of VA 420

  • Compressed air balancing, compressed air consumption measurement
  • Leckage air / leak rate determination
  • Mobile compressed air measurement in front of single machines/plants
  • Flow measurement of process gases like e.g. nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, argon, nitrous oxide
  • Flow measurement at nitrogen generators

Stationary use

For stationary use there are the following outputs available for the data transfer to a building management system or PLC: 4…20 mA for actual flow. Pulse output (galvanically separated) for the total consumption.

Mobile use

By means of quick couplings the flow meter can be integrated quickly into the feed hose of a machine. During the shutdown of the machine it is possible to determine the leak rate, the actual flow can be obtained when the machine is running. The power supply is effected via the power socket by means of the mains unit. For data recording over a longer period of time we recommend to use the compressed air analyzer DS 500 mobile or DS 400 mobile.

Special features of the flow meters VA 420

  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Units freely selectable via keypad m³/h, m³/min, l/min, l/s, kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, cfm
  • Compressed air counter up to 1,999,999,999 m³, Resetable to “zero” via keypad
  • Analogue output 4…20 mA, pulse output (galvanically separated)
  • High measuring accuracy also in the lower measuring range (ideal for leakage measurement)
  • Negligibly small loss of pressure
  • Calorimetric measuring principle, no additional pressure and temperature measurement necessary, no mechanically moved parts
  • Gas types adjustable via software (nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, nitrous oxide, argon)