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Fluke 405, 408 and 410 Laser Distance Meter
  • Key features

    • Quickly measure distance, calculate area / volume / pythagoras
    • Auto level and height
    • Built to withstand rainy or dusty conditions: 1-meter drop tested with rated IP54 (Fluke 404E / 406E), IP65 (Fluke 405 / 408 / 410),
    • Electronic angle display, auxiliary level measurement
    • Up to 100 sets of data storage
    • The battery life up to 5000 single measurements
    • Automatically power off after 3 minutes of inactivity

    Fluke 405 / 408 / 410 provide additional features as:

    • Universal tripod interface, easy to use
    • Type-C charging port, strong endurance
    • 2-inch HD display, clear viewing in full sunlight

Product Description

These Laser Distance Meters have the Fluke durability and quality you expect. The simple design and easy-to-use button operation allow you to operate with one hand, minimize time spent measuring and maximize the reliability of measurements.