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HACCP Wireless Probe

Key Features

  • Compatible with iOS and Android™
  • Accuracy to ±0.7°F
  • 2-3 Second Readings
  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Up to 1,000-Hours Battery Life, 1 x AAA
  • Integrated into the Senso HACCP App
  • Push-Button Simplicity
  • 4.3-Inch Fold-Away Probe
  • Create & Monitor Checklists
  • Document Temperatures & Corrective Actions
  • Equipped with Water Resistant Silicone Boot

Product Description

The HACCP Wireless Probe automates meeting food safety compliance standards by providing real-time readings, centralized data records, and more. Simply download the Senso HACCP app and open the Wireless Probe to take critical food temperatures that ensure you pass your next inspection. The wireless probe is compatible with iOS and Android™ devices and can document temperatures up to 572°F. Probes come with a magnetic, water-resistant silicone boot for easy mount and storage. The Senso HACCP app is a comprehensive solution to meeting HACCP and food safety requirements. Create custom menus tailored to your facility’s cuisine. Build custom checklists to document when workers perform tasks, like cleaning restrooms. View real-time pass/fail temperature measurements and make immediate corrective actions. This intuitive application makes it easy to meet HACCP, FDA, and CDC food safety regulatory requirements.