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• Two external probe inputs plus optional internal probe
• Saves 47’000 data records per MB card storage capacity (incl. 32 MB card)
• Range of application: -30…70 °C (-10…60 °C, with display), 0…100 %rh
• Calculation of all psychrometric parameters
• Integrated clock for timestamp for every measured value
• Freely selectable logging interval, 5 s…24 h
• Power supply: 9 V (battery, rechargeable battery or docking station)
• Networkable with PC, via docking station (USB, Ethernet, WLAN)
• Audible alarm
• IP40

Product Description

The HL-NT3 has two additional external probe inputs. Further probes can be connected to the logger using a docking station.

The HygroLog HL-NT humidity, dew point and temperature data logger can be used with any of the HygroClip 2 probes. The HL-NT can monitor up to 7 probes as well as up to two external on/off contacts, such a a door contact.

When used together with the validated ROTRONIC HW4 software the HygroLog HL-NT data logger complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 regarding electronic data records and electronic signatures (ERES).

The HW4 software can display the data from several data loggers on multiple PCs and can centrally record on one of the PCs the measurement data from several loggers. As a protection against power outages and network failures, HW4 can be used to automatically download the locally recorded data at regular intervals of time.

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