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HygroLog HL-20D-SET1

• Range of application: -10…60 °C, 0…100 %rh
• 20’000 data point memory
• Freely selectable logging interval, 5 s…1 h
• Integrated clock enables timestamp for every measurement
• Adjusted at 10, 35, 80 %rh and 23 °C
• Programmable alarms
• Battery operation
• Interface (UART) for connection to PC
• No software

The set consists of:
• HL-20D
• Battery
• Cable AC3006

Product Description

The compact data logger for humidity and temperature measurement offers high precision and reliability at a reasonable price. The HL-20 series is easy to use and deployable in a wide range of applications. Thanks to its integrated batteries, the HL-20 works completely independently and offers its users maximum flexibility.

Warehouses, factory halls, museums, office buildings, clean rooms, shipping, libraries, test facilities