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O2 Analyzers for UHP Gases – AII PI2-UHP 50100 & MS 5001000

Oxygen Measurement Down to Parts Per Trillion


  • Measuring trace O2 in ultra-pure Ar, H2, He and N2
  • LDL to less than 100 ppt
  • Low cost of ownership
  • User friendly and easy to operate and maintain
  • Fast recovery from process upsets
  • Integrated bypass sample system as standard
  • Optional auto calibration system with true zero feature via O2 scrubber

Product Description

Based on the stable and long-life Pico-Ion oxygen sensors, the PI2 range of trace oxygen analyzers provides accurate and stable measurements of oxygen down to low parts per trillion. Low cost of ownership through minimal maintenance of this high-performance oxygen analyzer make measurement of oxygen down to ppt level easy and affordable for customers with limited budgets.