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Permaflow® Complete Package-3578010-FLOW

Fixed, clamp-on, transit time ultrasonic flow meter

The Permaflow® is a fixed, clamp-on, ultrasonic transit time flow and heat meter that is non-invasive for measuring the flow rates of liquids containing less than 10% of gas/solid contents. It is mains powered, designed for 24/7 monitoring and is accurate to +/- 0.5% of measured value under ideal conditions.

Product Description

The Permaflow® fixed ultrasonic transit time flow meter has been tested and calibrated at an ISO 17025 laboratory, capable of meeting accuracies of +/- 0.5% of the true flow rate. We strive to offer the highest quality instruments, built with exceptional quality materials in the UK and remain competitively priced in the market worldwide through our unique R&D position.

The different types of flow measured by the Permaflow are:

  1. Volumetric Flow Rate: such as litres per hour (l/h) or gallons per minute (gpm) etc.
  2. Mass Flow Rate: such as kilograms per hour (kg/h) etc.
  3. Heat or Energy Flow Rate: such as kilowatt hour (kWh) or British Thermal Unit (BTU)

All measured values can be individually totalised giving you the total flow rate that has been measured during a particular measurement session.

The system accepts PT100 thermometer inputs, allowing temperature of your liquid to be monitored simultaneously. Two PT100 thermometers can be installed in order to monitor supply and return temperatures, commonly used in heating and chilling efficiency calculations. The system displays the measurements in various measurement units (metric and imperial options available), such as litres per hour (l/h) and gallons per minute (gpm) for flow rate, kilowatt hour (kWh) and British Thermal Unit (BTU) for energy and heat quantity.

The system is built with modular I/O modules, with a range of different options available, allowing you to choose only what you need to save you cost and money. It comes with USB and RS232 as standard for serial communications and 16MB internal memory that is capable of logging over 90,000 measurements. It is capable of saving measurements internally, to be exported later to a PC, or data stream directly from the system to the PC. To help to achieve reliable measurements, the system comes with built-in oscilloscope for signal diagnostics that assists you in performing a reliable measurement as part of the setting up process.

Some of the key advantages of Permaflow® over our competitors:

BUILD QUALITY: Our ultrasonic flow sensors are made using a special composite material to optimise ultrasound transmission.

BUILT-IN OSCILLOSCOPE: All units come with built-in oscilloscope for signal diagnostics that assists you in performing a reliable measurement as part of the setting up process

PT100 THERMOMETER INPUTS: It has a unique ability to incorporate PT100 thermometer inputs so heat quantity measurement can be monitored alongside volumetric flow rates.  

HEAT-METERING CAPABILITIES: Due to its PT100 thermometer input integration, when Permaflow® is installed in heat networks or buildings for example, it is able to help comply with regulations by recording heated or chilled water flow rates, supply and return temperatures and calculate the thermal energy involved in heating and cooling the fluid to give an idea of energy consumption (for example in kWh or BTU units etc.)

DATALOGGING & COMMUNICATIONS READY: Connection to PC is available as standard using both built-in USB and RS232, all measurements can be logged in its 16 MB built-in memory

ISO 17025 CALIBRATION: Option to include ISO 17025 calibration certificate to verify the accuracy of your unit, we work closely with an established ISO 17025 flow laboratory in the UK to ensure our equipment meets your requirements

Some of our main specifications (please see technical specifications below for full breakdown):

  1. Works on pipes DN15 – DN 2500
  2. Works on most clean liquids
  3. Works on a wide range of pipe materials
  4. Accurate to +/- 0.5% under ideal conditions
  5. Measures flow velocities between 0.01 m/s – 25m/s
  6. Resolution of 0.25mm/s
  7. Repeatability of 0.15% of measured value
  8. Main units rated IP65
  9. Sensors rated IP66
  10. Sensors temperature range -20°C to +150°C
  11. Datalogging function included – all measurement values can be logged in internal memory of 16 MB
  12. USB and RS232 communications included as standard
  13. Large internal database of pipe, fluid and lining materials (19+ for fluids, 23+ for pipe and lining materials)

Main benefits of choosing non-invasive ultrasonic transit time technology over inline flow measurement technology:

  1. Clamp-on therefore no installation costs such as drilling into pipes and no downtime to the pipe network is present
  2. 24/7 flow rate monitoring and customisable alert options are available
  3. As there is no contact with the fluid being measured, there is no risk of pressure loss throughout your pipe network
  4. As with above, the fluid cannot damage the flowmeter, which could contribute to a longer lifespan and lower maintenance cost compared to inline flowmeters which are in contact with the fluid and risk being damaged by the pressurised flowing fluid
  5. The Permaflow® can be wall-mounted / fixed to achieve a stable and neat installation, allowing the display and measurements to be viewed clearly in a variety of room conditions