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Portable Dew-Point Hygrometer – Michell MDM300 Series

Quick Spot-Check Measurement of Moisture


  • Repeatedly fast measurements at low pressure from less than 15 minutes for T95 to -60 °C (-76 °F)
  • Higher pressure measurements possible – up to 350 barg (5076 psig)
  • Long battery life: up to 48 hours of typical use between charges
  • Intuitive application kits allow quick and straightforward connection to your sample point
  • Durable, yet easy to handle and operate: designed for use in industrial environments
  • Lightweight: less than 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)
  • 13-point traceable calibration certificate

Product Description

A high-speed portable dew-point hygrometer for rapid spot-check measurements of dew point or moisture content in compressed air, natural gas, high voltage switchgear quench gas and many other applications. The sensor responds quickly to changes in moisture whether from dry to wet or wet to dry. This means there is no need to wait between measurements, allowing operators to make more measurements in a day.

The general purpose MDM300 is suitable for safe area use, while the intrinsically safe MDM300 I.S. has global hazardous area approval from ATEX, UKCA, IECEx, cQPSus and EAC Ex and is able to measure moisture in flammable gases such as natural gas or bio-gas.

It has a hard-wearing, ergonomic case and an easy-to-use interface for comfortable and practical operation in the toughest industrial environments.