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Portalevel® IS-Intrinsically safe approved ultrasonic liquid level indicator

Hazardous zone approved ultrasonic liquid level indicator with advanced calibration features.

The Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator approved for Zone 1 ATEX hazardous or explosive environments.

Product Description

The Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe is a specialist, intrinsically safe ultrasonic liquid level indicator. It is designed for non-invasively monitoring the contents of fire suppression systems in hazardous, explosive environments. With approval from Ex Veritas, this device is the ideal tool for testing cylinder contents in ATEX Zone 1 classified areas. 

Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Level Indicators 

  • Approved for use in Zone 1, II 2 G Ex ib IIA T4 Gb standards, the Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe can be used in even the most sensitive of environments.   
  • It can be used to locate the liquid level in any liquified fire suppression system, including CO2, FM200®, NOVEC™ 1230, when such systems are installed in ATEX Zones. 
  • This removes the need for a Hot Work Permit to inspect your fire suppression systems, offering significant time, cost and safety benefits compared to individually weighing your cylinders. 

In order to meet ATEX requirements for power output, the Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe outputs a much weaker signal than our Portalevel® MAX range. To adapt to this, we developed and adapted our calibration algorithms to offer three “modes” of calibration, including an intelligent calibration mode (iCal). 

The Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe also has four different power settings, for larger or more corroded cylinders. This, in combination with the three calibration options, allows the unit to be used on a wide variety of cylinder types and agents, with minimal user input. This was critical in allowing us to maintain our high standards of accuracy (±1.5mm of the true level) and ease of use in a handheld, ATEX Zone 1 approved package.  

Designed with safety in mind, the Portalevel® Intrinsically Safe is perfect for areas where volatile or explosive gases, vapours or mists are likely to be present in the air (IECEx Zone 1), such as: 

  • LNG Tankers 
  • Offshore platforms with flammable gases 
  • Chemical plants 
  • Gas plants and facilities 

Converting Liquid Level to Weight 

Monitoring the liquid level in fire cylinders is a vital aspect of any fire suppression system maintenance schedule, however, understanding how the liquid level relates to the fill weight of the cylinder is equally important. Coltraco Ultrasonics offer, in conjunction with the Portalevel® range, the world’s first liquid level to agent mass calculator.  

The Portasteele® Calculator calculates the agent weight of a fire suppression cylinder. It does this by using the liquid level determined by our Portalevel® range or inversely, by using the required fill level for a certain weight of suppression agent. The Portasteele® Calculator is sold as a stand-alone unit on a 7’’ hand-held tablet to be used in conjunction with our Portalevel® range.