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Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 Ultrasonic airtight integrity test indicator

New January 2021: Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 supports building and fire regulations which require air tightness testing, air leakage testing, air permeability testing or room integrity testing. It identifies leak sites and quantifies the air flow rate through them to help achieve adequate airtightness in the room for energy efficiency reasons, CO2 emissions, or, as in the fire industry application, the efficacy of a fire suppression system in extinguishing a fire when it is released with an air permeability value.

7 inch Touchscreen Handheld Ultrasonic Air Tightness Quantifier for buildings and fire safety

Product Description

Ultrasonic leak detector launched January 2021. For non-disruptive identification and quantification of leak sites to help in achieving adequate airtightness.

  • For building and facility maintenance in response to new building regulations which require air tightness testing, air leakage testing, and air permeability testing
  • For fire safety engineering room integrity tests to complement door fan testing.

Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 evolved from developing the Portascanner® COVID-19, and in response to new building regulations which require air tightness testing, air leakage testing, and air permeability testing, in buildings and facitilies management, to ensure that HVAC systems operate effectively and efficiently, to reduce operational costs and CO2 emissions.

It has applications also within the Fire Safety sector, assisting during their installation and maintenance to aid with compliance with ISO 14520, EN15004 and NFPA regulations.

Indoor air quality is now recognised as a key issue in homes, offices, hospitals, schools and factories, the integrity of which can only be maintained if the air intake and exhaust is controlled, within an airtight environment. However, existing tests for airtightness are disruptive, costly, difficult and only provide information on the overall ‘leakiness’ of the room or building. A separate test is required to locate any leaks and there is currently no way to quantify these leaks.

  • Portascanner ® AIRTIGHT 520 is an instrument that, with minimal training, allows an operator to locate leaks in a given room or structure and then quantify them by their cross-sectional area.
  • This can then be used to calculate an air flow rate through the leak. On its own, though, air flow rate does not provide adequate information to quantify the airtightness of a room.
  • This is because an air flow rate depends only on the physical size of the leak, the thickness of the structure through which the leak occurs, and the relative pressures on either side of the leak.
  • Therefore, a given size of leak would result in air flowing at the same rate regardless of the size of the room into/out of which the air flows.
  • It is clear, that if a volume of 5m3 of air per hour flowed through a leak into a compartment of 5m3, this will have a much more considerable effect than that same air flow into a compartment of 1000m3.
  • As such, regulations usually reference air permeability or air changes per hour, which account for the size of the room. Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520, with some additional dimensional data about the room, can quantify leaks in terms of each of these metrics, plus providing the raw air flow and the cross-sectional area of each leak individually.

Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 is another vital technology developed by Coltraco Ultrasonics, which complements HVAC and air filtration systems, by first ensuring the airtightness of spaces, and quickly locating any air leaks. One without the other would somehow render the latter redundant.

Key Features

Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 gives the ability to fully assess a room prior to the installation of FPE (Fan Pressurisation Equipment) meaning considerable resources may be saved by significantly reducing the risk of installing FPE in an unsuitable room

  1. 8-megapixel camera
  2. Dual function
  3. Power settings
  4. Record data & export via USB
  5. Filter records by date or location
  6. Maintenance tool (not medical)


  1. ACCURATE – Determine air leakage rates through walls, doors, seals.
  2. RESULTS-BASED – Calculate number of leaks, leak area, total air flow rate and air permeability rate.
  3. PRECISE – Find exact location of leaks, so remedial measures can be taken. This means one does not need to undergo the “patch and hope” procedure that is currently used.
  4. FAST & EASY – Far quicker and easier than the alternative.