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Portasonic® CALCULATOR Complete Package-2618949-CALC

Handheld tablet for calculating internal pipe pressure from externally-measured flow

Calculate internal pipe pressures using external, non-invasive and portable flow sensors. To be used alongside the Portasonic 2.FLO® portable ultrasonic flow meter

Product Description

The Portasonic Calculator is the first instrument capable of determining the internal pressure within pipes, using non-invasive, external flow technology.  

This calculator is designed to operate alongside our Portasonic 2.FLO® Ultrasonic Flow Meter. The Portasonic is one of the world’s leading non-invasive flow meters and is an essential tool for a wide variety of maintenance and inspection needs.  

The Portasonic Calculator is designed as a supporting instrument. It uses an empirical equation derived from the laws of fluid dynamics to calculate the liquid pressure to within 5% accuracy. Our knowledge of the properties of 19+ different fluids and 23 different common pipe materials has enabled us to acquire a detailed understanding of the pressure required to drive different fluids at a variety of flow speeds. 

Why measure internal pipe pressure? 

The pressure in a pipe system must be closely monitored to ensure it does not exceed safe tolerances. Critically high pressures can lead to pipe failure, damage to property, and risk to personnel. The durability and safe functioning of pipes, pumps, and related equipment are also affected by pressure. Knowledge of the pressure in a pipe system is therefore important for ensuring that the flow is occurring as expected, in a safe and sustainable manner. 


  • Calculate quickly and easily using an intuitive touchscreen tablet 
  • Save data to records and export via USB or email to ensure traceability 
  • Filter records by date or by pipe 


  • Accounts for temperature and material roughness to produce results of the highest possible accuracy 
  • Combine with the Portasonic® to verify flow speeds and rates 
  • Determine if your pipe is pressurised to within a safe tolerance