Product Description

Reduce your energy costs and increase your efficiency with the VD 500. Suitable directly for measurement after the compressor. Monitor the delivery rate of your compressor and create a FAD analysis.

Field of application:

  • Measuring directly after the compressor
  • Measuring at high temperatures
  • Measuring fast processes

Advantages of the differential pressure sensor VD 500:

  • Proven measuring principle by measuring the differential pressure (dynamic pressure)
  • Pressure and temperature compensated, thus output of the standard volume flow rate
  • Particularly suitable for extremely high flow rates
  • Extremely fast response time of 100 ms
  • Quick and easy installation via a ½” ball valve
  • No moving parts, therefore low maintenance effort
  • Negligible low pressure loss due to negligible low blockage of the diameter
  • Applicable for wet and hot compressed air directly after the compressor

Typical applications:

  • Measurement of the delivery quantity of compressors
  • Compressed air audits
  • Efficiency measurement of compressed air systems

Installation conditions:

  • After working water separator
  • In horizontal lines (recommended) or in risers

Technical details:

  • 04…20 mA, pulse and a Modbus RTU (RS 485) interface as standard
  • Optional interfaces like Modbus TCP (Ethernet), PoE, M-Bus
  • Pressure range up to 20 bar
  • Temperature range up to 180°C
  • Integrated display to show the measured values
  • Available from DN20 to DN500
  • Easy installation under pressure
  • Settings adjustable via the keys of the display
  • Main counter reading can be reset via the display
  • Can be used for velocities up to 600 Nm/s
  • High accuracy with 1.5% deviation of the measured value