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MDM300 Sampling Options

Key features

  • MDM300 is mounted onto sampling system, so no installation is required to make a measurement – connect the system to the sample collection point and measure
  • Gauge for monitoring sample pressure and flow control valves included
  • Simple access for maintenance and replacement of filter elements
  • Optional transportation case, to protect panel against damage in transit

Product Description

To get the best possible performance from your MDM300 or MDM300 I.S., it is crucial to have appropriate sample conditioning for your measurement point. Options are available to cover all common sampling requirements – from verification of dry compressed air supplies, to the measurement of natural gas downstream of a glycol contactor.

  • Dew point in natural gas processing and pipelines
  • Monitoring of desiccant dryers for compressed air or plastic moulding equipment
  • Moisture measurement in high-voltage switchgear quench gas
  • Moisture measurement in petrochemical refineries
  • Industrial gas production and transportation
  • Medical gas quality
  • Dew-point measurement in metallurgical applications